Gift and Rock Shop

    Shop in this historic log cabin gift and rock shop.
    This log cabin dates back over 150 years ago. The gift shop as a unique supply of rocks, crystals, geodes, jewelry, t-shirts and gifts.


    Gem Stone Panning

    Sluice for real gems, rocks, minerals, crystals and fossils in our gem panning sluice.
    Each bag is different it is like a treasure hunt in itself.


    Lantern Tours

    New for April 2017:

    On April 15th, we will start the lantern tours. The tour will start at 9:15, you must be here between 9 am and 9:10 am to register for this tour. These tours will run on the open days through Saturday (No lantern tours on Sunday.) The lights will be off in the cavern and you will see the cavern as the first explores and treasure hunters experienced it over 130 years ago. Each group will carry a real kerosene lantern through this amazing cavern as we tell you all about these explores and treasure hunters!